Timecapsule:America 1950s
A Hamburger, Fries and a coke, Please
Those stopovers on the way to VACATIONLAND!!
Drive Ins - Where the Kids Meet!
Ads from the 1950s

Ahh, The 1950s.

Families worked together, played together and vacationed together at family themed entertainment areas like national parks and the new Disneyland.

Do you remember

sinatra, swell, whistling, superman, hamburger stands, technicolor, jukeboxes, cars w/ fins, marilyn, the yanks, ricky nelson, early elvis, buddy holly, poodle skirts, james dean, truman, segregation, white-wall tires, cubans (cigar), schwinn bikes, radio flyer, soap box derby's, martini's, dean martin & jerry lewis, john wayne, the drive-in, the twist, lounges, coca-cola, the paper, the circus, Henry Mancini, "Ike", the Cold War, the "space race" ,zippos, money clips, smokey joe, looney tunes, diners ,jump ropes ,high-waisted pants, live commercials, bomb shelters ,wingtips ,hoola-hoops, grace kelly, leave it to beaver ,milkmen,pool, bowling, sunday afternoon drives, good service, flippin' coins, tops ,marbles, capri pants....