Anthony's Pure Milk Company

Anthony's Pure Milk delivery truck from 1937.  Yes, Virginia, men in uniforms would deliver clear glass bottles of milk to your front step every morning in that now vanished time, and cart off your empty bottles.  Those bottles were very thick and quite difficult to break, so they could be sterilized and reused.  Lem Jones is the Anthony's milkman on the left; the assistant on the right is unknown.

A cousin born in 1934 wrote about Lem Jones:
"Although I can't picture Lem now in my mind, I do remember that ... he worked at Anthony Milk, and I could stop by (it was close to our Fatherland Street address) and he would give me chocolate milk. I could always recognize if the milk was Anthony's and wouldn't drink anything else. Later, I learned that I "liked" cod liver oil and that Anthony put cod liver oil in their milk. Funny the things that you remember. "
Interesting, but I have no way now of confirming if Anthony's milk was ever "fortified" in this manner (Lem Jones is since deceased). Might it be they were compelled to stop using additives and thereafter became "Anthony's Pure Milk"?
- William W. Weems

Crate from Anthony's Pure Milk-Image courtesy Allison

Anthony's Milk was established in 1927 and sold to Rock City Ice Cream in 1965.

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