• Oldest known photo of Nashville
  • Nashville Southern View during occupation
  • Laying First Street Car Tracks in City
  • Hillsboro Road and Acklen Avenue around 1868
  A View around 1890 of Broadway and Capitol Hill 
  • Market Street
  • Union St. looking east from 5th
  • Another Union street looking east from fifth ave.
  Courthouse Square -During Civil War Occupation
  Courthouse Square - Late 1800's
  • View of City from Edgefield probably during or right after civil war
  Church Street Looking East
  • Second Avenue
  • Third Avenue
  • Harding Road
  • West End
  • Bird's Eye View
  • Russel Street
  • 5th & Church
  • A View down Broadway looking toward Union Station
  • Wharf along Cumberland River
  • 5th & Union Street
  Church Street Looking East around 1915
  Church Street Looking East with the Independent Life Building
  • Skyline view of Nashville
  • Union in front of Hermitage Hotel
  • Union Looking Down 5th
  • Another view of 5th Avenue
  • Aeroplane View of Nashville
  • View possibly from the 1930's
  • Capitol Boulevard
  • Harvey's Christmas Display
  • Removing Streetcar tracks on Church Street.
  • Second Avenue and Cumberland River Winter 1940
  • Capitol Hill before the Urban Renewal "Cleanup"
  • West End in front of Union Station around 1947
  • Large shot around 1950
  •A Chicago reporter waxes poetic of nighttime images of Nashville-from 1955 Nashville Tennessean Magazine
  • Rooftops-early 50s?
  • View from capitol hill sometime in the 50's
  • Another View of capitol hill from 1950
  • Another possible 50's view from the cover of Nickey's Restaurant Menu
  • City in 1951
  Dickerson Road at Tuckahoe 1959
  • View of Nashville 1965
  View West from top of L and C Building
  • View taken sometime in the 70's
  • Hwy 70 and Old Hickory Blvd


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