Southern Coach Lines-Nashville Transit-Nashville Railway & Light
  Image courtesy Dave Price

The larger Nashville Transit was for school kids and the  Nashville Railway and Light was at one time the name of the streetcar  company (before Southern Coach Lines).  I believe at the time of the change-over the streetcars were run by what they referred to as "Tepco" meaning I think Tennessee Electric Power Company- which was part of what ended the street cars- Some state commission  ruled that the streetcar company owning the power source constituted an  unlawful something or other.   I was very young  and barely remember  streetcars but the lawsuit is in the books.

The School Bus Token was  originally 3c whereas I believe regular fare was maybe still a nickel.  Adults didn't use tokens until well after the War.  I am almost certain that the school tokens pre-date the regular ones.  We used to go downtown and buy  them at the old bus barn across Fourth Avenue from the Bijou.  You would get  a big roll for something like a half-dollar. Well, sixteen times 3c is 48c  and maybe you got the seventeenth for 2c to make the roll come out even.  When adult tokens came in I believe they were two for a quarter.  But for a  long time there were lots of things for a nickel:  candy bars, Cokes,  non-school bus rides, phone calls.  I do not remember nickel popcorn though,  that was a dime as far back as I remember.  I believe Streetcar fare was 7c  when they went out, then buses were just a nickel."
-Dave Price  

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