-Photo courtesy Beth Hardaway-

"The church with car parked in front is original building of the Church of the Advent, Episcopal. 
I have a book which was issued by Christ Church(now Cathedral) in 1929 upon its centennial.  This picture is in the book along with an article about the Church of the Advent. 
According to the book, Advent was begun in 1857 by members of Christ Church.
The building pictured here was not completed until 1866.  It remained at this location until
moving to 17th Avenue in 1910.
The Church of the Advent moved from the 17th Avenue location in early 70s. The present building(just N of Old Hickory Blvd. on Franklin Rd.) has a cornerstone with the dates 1857-1910-1973 on it."
-Melvin Potts

"That steep roof makes me think of a church that was across the street
from the hotel in which I stayed when I attended a high school Beta
Club convention in Nashville in about 1948.  There was a snow during
the night, and when I looked out the window, I thought that steep,
snow-covered roof was about the most exotic and beautiful thing I'd
ever seen.  Very European-looking.
MAYBE we were staying at the Sam Davis Hotel--so was that on 7th
Avenue at Commerce?  And maybe that was an Episcopal church.  Or
possibly Lutheran."
- Carolyn Whitaker Crowley

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