Bird's Eye View Of Nashville

This is a photo of the old Howard School Bldg between Second ave and Third ave before it was replaced in 1939-40 with the new Howard School (now Metro Office Bldg) on Second.

The tower on top of the old Howard School building contained a large school bell
The bell was lost when the building was partially demolished.
In the 1950's it was rediscoved by a Howard Alumni' Father (Preacher Hamilton) He personally had this old bell  erected on the new Howard School Campus. A view of the present Bell can be see at:

I would agree this shot was taken around 1900-1910
There may be  a copy the actual photo from which this colorized card was made from, on my webpage at:
In this photo you can see four landmarks on the far horizon (the view is looking north from South Nashville toward downtown)
from the left to right; the first two "steeples" appear to be Union Station which was completed in the year 1900. The next large building on the horizon appears to be the large Vauxhall Garden Apartments at Ninth and Broad, the next steeple appears to be the Custom House at 8th and Broad, and the last steeple appears to be the First Baptist Church steeple at 7th and Broad.

There's an historic plaque located at Ninth ave near the First Art Center that tells when the Vauxhall Garden Apts. were torn down.
-Jim Stephens

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