The Savage House

The Savage House Inn at 167 Eighth Ave No.(old Spruce street) one/half block south offÊ Church Street. The Townhouse Tearoom resturant is attached to one side of the old home and uses part of the first floor. It is one of the few remaining early family townhouses left in the downtown area. This one has been turned into a bed and breakfast called the Savage House Inn.

History of the old house: The lot was part of a land grant given to John Overton in the 1700's and later to George Deaderick then to Jacob Lindsley. The house is believed to have been built by Mary Clayborn in 1859. The original address was 139 North Spruce Street. In 1893 it was used as a Jewish men's club called "The Standards Club". Around this time time, a ballroom was added to the back of the home and Nashville's first Bowling Alley was placed in the basement. In 1898 the house was sold to Dr. Giles and Leslie Savage. Dr. Savage was an eye surgeon who used the basement of the ballroom as an infirmary. His daughter Kate Savage Zerfoss also an eye doctor and owned the house until 1980. The city directory lists the property in 1953 as the "Savage Studios."

-Jim Stephens

Thanks Jim!

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